Explore the Oceans of the World with us

We are sailors, navigators, scuba divers and adventurers. We are passionate about history, archeology, anthropology and photography.

We exist to provide support and scholarships for researchers, educators and students.

Above all we care about our planet and its oceans.

We need your financial backing to support young scholars.

The power of Onsite Research


Sailing Yacht

Our boat is big enough to cross any ocean. But has a low cost to operate and is nimble enough to anchor in 3 meters between two coral reefs.


Self Sufficient

Our systems are powered by solar panels. We make our own water with our osmosis plant. Our freezer can keep our food for weeks even without power.



We are not alone in this journey. Thank you financial sponsors, technical partners, shore team, governments, universities, friends and family.

Our favorite Activities

Scuba Diving

We research wrecks, we collect samples, and we explore ancient harbors. Whatever we do we are always in awe with the beauty of the underwater world.


Upwind or downwind. Fast or very slow. In calm seas or through hurricanes. If your core skills are not sailing, you will learn. You can't really understand the history of navigators if you don't sail yourself.


We have radar, AIS, multiple GPS units, Satellite communication. But we must be prepared if we lose power or if the mast gets hit by a lightning strike

We are Rode trip Expeditions

As a not for profit venture, our goal is to raise private funding to provide support and scholarships for researchers, educators and students.

Our vessel is a unique platform to explore remote locations in total autonomy.


What Crew Members had to say

“I would follow JB wherever he goes.”
Matt, Engineer
“Never again on a bloody boat”
Joe, sea Sick
“My favorite moments were the swim at the end of the day, cooking spicy food, and making new friends."

Louise, Crew

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