What is Rode Trip Expeditions?

We are a US-based not-for-profit organisation led by JB Duler. We support field research on the sailing vessel “Rode Trip” for grad and post grad marine researchers in history, anthropology and archeology.

We raise funds from individuals, corporations and foundations. We thrive to be extremely efficient in our management of funds with extremely low administration expenses.

We are also sailors, navigators, scuba divers and adventurers. 

Above all we care about our planet and its oceans.

Do you want to know more about us?

Onsite Research is difficult and expensive


Sailing Yacht

Big enough to cross any ocean. Nimble enough to anchor in 3 meters between two coral reefs. Yet thrifty to keep expenses down


Self Sufficient

Our systems are powered by solar panels. We make own water with our osmosis plant. Our freezer can keep our food for weeks even without power.



We operate our own vessel with no layers of administration. Our goal is to funnel most of our donations and grants to the researchers.
We roll up our sleeves and make repairs on site. We cook our own food. We always keep expenses down.

Tell Me More About JB Duler

JB Duler

entrepreneur / CEO

For the past 25 years, JB has been involved in various ventures in the Silicon Valley / San Francisco, California area. Some great successes, some failures. But failures were never because JB gave up, sometimes the venture was too early, or like in the last venture our sole large customer collapsed and left us with the bills. More about JB's professional career here.

Sailing / Racing

JB has started racing dinghies at a very early age (Optis, 420s, 505s and Finns). He raced his Laser at a world level until 2021.
He raced and cruised big sailboats in the Med, the English Channel, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
He is a USCG licensed captain, Merchant Marine. He survived Cyclone Gordon in 1994 (55 feet waves and the USCG had declared that he was dead).
Needless to say, JB LOVES to sail.


Engineers solve problems. JB has an MS in Engineering from Ecole des Mines. His experience covers anything from the maintenance of conveyor belts in underground mines to encryption software for the Army or design in solidworks. From solar to osmosis water system, JB can build and fix almost anything.

We are Rode trip Expeditions

In 2023 we conducted research on the Phoenician Navigators and we sailed from Spain to Carthage and on to Malta, Greece and Italy. Our concentration was Greece and Magna Grecia.

2024 will take us from Naples to Crete, more Magna Grecia in Italy, Delphi, Corinth and then following Apollo to Delos. We will end up studying the Minoans in Crete and Santorini.

In 2024/2025 we will conduct research on the the Arab Trade in the Red Sea and on to the Indian Ocean.

Wether you want to provide funding, you want to recommend young scholars for a scholarship, or you have the skills to sail with us, please get in touch with us.