We plan expeditions

2023: the history of the Phoenician Sailors. Our voyage will take us to Spain, Carthage, Malta, Rhodes, Cyprus and Lebanon.

2024: the history of the Arab Sailors. We sail through the Suez Canal and  we use the “Periplus of the Erythraean Sea” as a lose guide for our trip. We start with Egypt, Jordan, Sudan and Ethiopia. We sail South from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean.

Our funds are limited and we rely on private donors, corporations and private Foundations to fund young scholars and research.

The Life on a Sailboat



Getting close to shore is always risky: shoals, unmarked reefs, traffic. We seek out anchorages both sheltered from all winds but also peaceful.



Things break, complex systems have to be maintained, oil has to be changed, osmosis systems must be flushed. Sometimes we look out for a welder or a piece of metal to fix something.



We make friends everywhere, on shore or other yachts. We share homemade appetizers and we provide ice cubes, a highly priced currency in hot climates.

Our favorite Stops in 2023


Now close to Tunis, capital of Tunisia. The National Museum is a gem (French or Arabic highly recommended). Our vessel, Rode Trip, will be on the dry in Monastir for bottom paint and stainless steel welding.


Mythical city. We will also have our rig checked by a specialist. We will also tune up our solar panels.


We will hook up with Marine Archeologists and scuba diving friends.

We seek diverse skills

More than ever you will understand that you need people with very diverse skills on a sailboat.

Engineers, Navigators, Captain and deckhands, Historians, Photographers, Scuba Divers, cooks, doctors and nurses and more.

We Explore different cultures

North Africa