Do you have what it takes to join us?

We are sailors, navigators, scuba divers and adventurers. We are passionate about history, archeology, anthropology and photography.

If you have the right skills, join us. We guarantee the experience of a life time. Read on!

We are Multitaskers



May be a diver and may have a data science background to process the data collected.



May be certified a diver and may speak Arabic



May know how to catch fish and cook.

Key Technical skills


You are up to date on current satellite techniques but you understand dead reckoning and sextant. You can put yourself in the situations faced by navigators 2,000 years ago.


Most of the time we can't access repair facilities and we repair everything on board. We run both 12v and 24v DC and 110v and 220v AC. We generate electricity with multiple solar panels, a wind vane, a diesel generator and a diesel engine. We have complex electronics


Emergencies at sea can quickly become life threatening. You need to act very quickly and communicate with shore support and explore medicac if needed.

Other skills

Scuba Diving

You have the certification as an Instructor/Director from PADI or NAUI. You may specialize in marine archeology.


You have a keen interest in the Phoenicians and their civilization. You are studying the interactions between the Arab Traders, ancient Egypt and the land of Punt.

Climb the mast

Recent, real examples: halyards wrapped around the forestay, weather station malfunctioning, radar wires corroded,

Other skills


Preferably under water. You are certified diver from NADI or other organisation.


It is difficult to find artifacts from small shows at the bottom of the ocean. Ancient language provide valuable clues. We have to study ancient societies and their cultures, we have to better understand our origins and our distinctiveness and diversity. This is a fundamental aspect of our research on the Arab Trade.


We are an expedition vessel and must work as a Team. Key skills we look for are resilience, conflict resolution, active listening and ability to function in a self sufficient way. Things go wrong. All the time. We need to devote all our energy to solve problems and don't need people who create more. You need to operate on your own if needed.

Are you ready?

Do you remain cool under pressure? Can you keep a positive attitude with a smile regardless of problems we face? Are you self sufficient and in general don’t need much help to achieve what you want?

Are you genuinely open to other cultures? Do you speak any foreign language? Can you make friends easily?

We want to talk to you!

Our vessel is a unique platform to explore remote locations in total autonomy.


What Crew Members had to say

“I would follow JB wherever he goes.”
Matt, Engineer
“Never again on a bloody boat”
Joe, Seasick
“We had everything needed on the boat but I only had to treat minor cuts. That left me plenty of time to bake cakes and quiches nearly every day!"
Joe, MD