Are there risks?

There are lots of risks, most of them we try to mitigate: storms, engine and systems failures (we carry spares) and uncharted reefs (we have gps, aerial photos).

The Red Sea has a long history of wrecks over the antiquity.

Over the past years Somali and Yemeni Pirates have added risk in the region.

You need the right attitude



You'll get it done. Find another way. Get other crew members to help. Look for alternatives. Sleep on it.


Never give up

Tough situation with no simple solution? We'll find one. Never, never give up.



We succeed as a team. Never alone.

Some risks


It happened. We have a strong boat and only suffer minor damage. Hitting coral bommies at full speed can be catastrophic.


The situation is more under control than 20 years ago. Political risks and tensions in the are have brought significant numbers of warships from the US, France, the UK, China and other countries.


This is the biggest risk on a ship. Last year our bow thruster caught fire in Bonifacio. Bad electrical connection on a 7KW motor. We quickly reacted and got the situation under control.

What can we do?


We don't carry firearms and we must rely on our Navies. We carry different emergency communication devices on board.


Up to date charts, recent blogs, safe speed. If that happens we can hope it is at low tide, and we can always climb the mast to get the boat to list to one side.


This is a non smoking boat. We have safety devices for propane. We control safety checks on electrical connections. We have both manual and automatic extinguishers. But we won't get help from our beloved firefighters.

We are Rode trip Expeditions

We are ressourceful. We are resilient. We don’t crack under pressure

Our vessel is a unique platform to explore remote locations in total autonomy.