Sponsors help support young scholars

Our funds support scholars, marine archeologists. We pay for trips, living expenses and equipment.

Universities have shifted their budgets to other endeavors and their choices are too often political, at least in the US.

We make it clear: we research ancient history, 2,000 BC and up to AD 1500 (the arrival of the Portuguese).

We seek researchers who are have a burning passion for their subject.

Private funding is our answer



Solar manufacturers, electronics providers: we promote your product and you support young resersearchs.



Do you want to fund scholars who may not have the means to fund on site trips to remote locations?



Are our goals aligned with your values? $10,000 may be able fund a life-changing trip to a young scholar who may have no choice but to work in a fast food restaurant?

How much Money?


Typically our monthly operating expenses are $5-20,000


6 months expenses for a Master/PhD student represent $10-20,000


We need to pay for regular haulouts, scuba diving equipment, harbor and immigration fees, satellite communication.

We are Rode trip Expeditions

If you believe that our values are aligned with with your brand, reach out to us.


What scholars have to say

“SOAS University researchers could benefit greatly from Rode Trip Expeditions”

Professor Green

“Rode Trip Expeditions fulfills a need to fund young scholars for life changing discoveries.”
Professor Blue
“I wish I would have had access to such experiences when I was studying for my PhD"
Recent PhD